As you age, particularly once you reach the age of 30, your levels of testosterone begin to decrease. We all know that testosterone is a vital hormone in men, and it's effects are wide reaching. Think back to puberty, for instance. Remember your voice suddenly getting deeper, hair coming in on your face and your pubic area? That's from the body pumping heavy amounts of it to bring you into maturity. As you age and it declines, you can start to notice some negative effects from reduced levels of it in your body.

Taking a testosterone booster can help you out massively if you're experiencing these issues. They raise mental sharpness, cardiac health, skin health, energy levels, bone density, and libido. While it's primarily beneficial to men as they age, it's also been shown to be useful to balance hormone levels in women during processes such as menopause and during cancer treatments.

Due to it being something that's modifying your body's natural chemistry, taking a booster is not a step to take lightly and just dive right in. As with anything else that will modify your body chemistry, it is of the utmost importance for you to speak first with your doctor if it's right for you. There's the risk of side effects from other medications you're taking, as well as a few others that may remind you of your adolescence when puberty hit. These possible side effects include – increased acne, fluid retention, increased frequency of urination, breast enlargement, decreased size of testicles and reduced sperm count, as well as increased aggressive behavior.

That said, it's been shown to be a very effective treatment for many men with low testosterone levels, revitalizing them and bringing back their energy levels and reigniting the spark in the bedroom.